Mindful Monday #87 – One More Round

This weekend was a little over whelming. I am enjoying the current state of my life and the fruits of all my labor. I was able to catch up with a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in months. It was so good to see everyone. There is a bit of sadness in my heart, because a particular group of friends I saw are a part of an aspect of my life that is fading.

My life is starting to shift again, and the more it does the more I find myself searching for Home.

I am ready to set down roots, but with the amount of shifts I have experienced this year (and in three years), on top of the ocean of people that move in and out of LA, building a Home is a challenge. This realization had me question the new leap of faith that I was certain I needed to take, to get to the next level of my evolution, three weeks ago.

It all started with my voice class. We chipped away at my voice and got down to the root of my voice habits which brought a flood of deep realizations. Both my voice class, career, spiritual life and life are merging together with two particular fears and I know exactly where the path leads. My goal to be a writer and speaker I feel is my calling, because of how much I enjoy it, and how much I fear it. I must get over this fear to live out my tangible vision.

In my doubt and reflection, a stream of positive/ motivational thoughts came to mind and were presented to me throughout the weekend. I will share the first one that came up in my voice class for this coming Wisdom Wednesday. The one that got me to re-embrace my new leap of faith is the gem below. Have a great week!


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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