Mindful Monday #88 – Old Habits Keep You Small

My voice class is  an awareness class in relation to the body, voice and emotion. How your physical body feels, your state of mind and your emotion all affect how you communicate. This goes beyond tone, but deeper into the physical mechanics of the voice. When it comes to being vulnerable my voice gets small and has done this often, but I have only become aware of it recently.

There are two fears that have been circulating my mind recently. I will address one of those fears this week, which is linked to a larger fear. Fear is like a magician pulling out a scarf from a hat, it never ends. But I do believe that fear does have and end, which is where it all begins within our mind.

We create our own parameters or cages that keep us comfortable.

Sometimes those parameters were created by others. Which one is worse? Eckart Tolle, In the Power of Now, talks about how the ego fights the good fight to hold you captive from being present. Currently I am in a battle between present and ego and thus far fear or ego is winning. When I think of two of the fears that I need to go head to head on, I feel my whole body tense up. I even feel as though my momentum slows down  almost like walking though quick sand. Regardless of what fear surrounds me, I will push forward.

Today’s Mindful Monday speaks to the natural next step that is needed after spiritual/ personal growth occurs.


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