Wisdom Wednesdsay #52 – How Stress Effect’s Your Body

My position on my last show ended this past Friday. By midday, of my last day, I started feeling sick. Both of my supervisors thought that it was because my body was winding down from it’s need to be “on” for the demands of the show.

I did what I could to balance work and my personal life and I tried not to put more effort or energy into a task than was required, but I failed. I’m disappointed at that fact.

I’m not sick, but I feel very drained. I spent the weekend staying in and resting, but I need this week or more to recover. The more I focus on my well being, the more and more I want to know about how our mental state i.e. stress affects our health.

Today’s wisdom comes from Ted Ed and was created by Sharon Horesh Bergquist. It talks about all the affects that stress puts on the body. It’s both informative and alarming.

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