What I Believe Makes Me Who I Am

My goal for the month is to focus on my Heath. I wanted to exercise daily, meditate and detox by making different food choices. Getting sick wasn’t in the cards, but the timing is beautiful. I can’t work out at the moment because I have limited energy and limited lung capacity, but I am still committed to this goal. I notice that I am called to start slow and build healthier habits one step at a time, which is a more effective goal setting technique.

1My focus on health feels different, then years prior because my intention is stronger. I don’t want to do short term routines for a short term outcome, I want to really build habits for my lifetime. I have been sick over a week and I have learned a lot about health and how much I value it. I’ve done well to live healthier but I want to balance my health with all aspects of my life, specifically work. The only time I tend to get sick, is when I push myself too hard at work. I don’t want work to be the reason I get sick, it is not worth it to me.

One of my sub-goals to achieve my health goal is to meditate. Three years ago I meditated daily for 5 months straight and I loved it! As a result my awareness and spiritually expanded and my life become more like a meditation. Even though I have grown beyond my expectations, I want to get back into the meditation habit. I know how much meditation helps me center and brings me to more spiritual truths.

Since Monday I have been participating in Oprah’s and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation around beliefs. Again, the timing is beautiful. It is the beliefs we hold that help or hinder us in life. Whether we love ourselves or feel worthy of greatness it all stems from within us and the beliefs we support and the beliefs that we block.  Today’s center thought was “What I believe makes me who I am.” It’s the belief in myself and the belief in all my goals that strengthens me and leads me to achieve. I haven’t always believed that I could be healthier than I am, but I believe it now.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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