Wisdom Wednesday #53 – 5 Messages from Your Soul

Since November is here and I am in reflection mode. My recent state of rest has provided a deeper and different type of all holistic reflection which is new to me. I usually reflect in small aspects of my life, but in terms of the bigger picture. Today’s Wisdom I came across in mid September, but I waited for the right time to share them. Petar the author of today’s wisdom wrote about the “5 Messages from Your Soul.” Each of the messages I have discovered on my own, I am familiar with them, but there are a few that I know deeply. Which of these messages speak to you?

5 Messages From Your Soul by · March 26, 2015


We are all perfect beings simply because we exist from love and light. We are also wise so we know that in this human experience some of our actions, situations, or choices are viewed as ‘imperfect.’ The goal in this human incarnation is to grow and change, but your Soul is always the same. A pure channel of light and love. Therefore, when we are One with our soul, we are at peace with who we are at any moment, regardless of our actions or lack there of. Transformations, shifts, energy releases and vibrational changes happen constantly, but the Soul remains perfect as you live a perfectly imperfect life. A life that needs to be free of all guilt, shame, or blame because it is happening exactly as it should. You are the Universe experiencing itself in human form. 


Certain events or circumstances will affect the way we view certain people or situations. Any pain, hurt, or loss will shift the way you see yourself. Compassion is important because if the thoughts we have everyday are full of criticism and critique then we will continue to spin downwards rather than climbing out of a hole with compassion. Compassion leads to gratitude, being thankful for the situations we are in, while being angry and sad or whatever else can lead us to more appreciation later. Having compassion for yourself versus pointing a finger at yourself instantly creates a shift in your day and in your life. Do not be your worst enemy. When there are no enemies within, the enemies outside who try to hurt you, will fail.


Cry, scream, yell, laugh, kiss, hug, smile, pout, cry some more. Our feelings keep us connected to ourselves and they help us relate to other people. Allowing emotions to flow through you, knowing that they are just energy, and resisting the desire to suppress them or stay stuck in them, returns us back to the present moment. You are allowed to feel, in fact it is beneficial to express emotions because it means you are speaking your truth- welcoming all your wounds that have a voice and welcoming all the feelings that comes along with that voice and with those wounds. As you experience yourself through your emotions, you release unnecessary energy, you heal and you grow, you return to you in purest form. 


When we connect with our Higher Self, there is infinite amounts of happiness, joy, and love. The Higher Self is aligned with what is for your highest and best well-being. It will lead you to the beneficial experiences and remind you who you really are as a spiritual being- all-powerful. Take a moment to connect with your Soul, it channels the Source of love and light. It holds no judgment or fear. We are here to feel, experience, and know the delight, the light, and the love of life. Your Higher Self will help you with that.


In order to realize the depth of your ‘perfect’ Soul, to view yourself through compassion, to deeply feel, and to connect with your Higher Self, stillness is necessary. A busy monkey mind will leave us hearing the negative motions, will keep us from noticing the emotions that come up multiple times a day, and will prevent us from being able to truly know our Soul-self. When we are still, we can actually hear our true voice. As we listen, we know things that we wouldn’t normally know, we feel love and compassion that we wouldn’t normally feel, we begin to understand the depth of our gratitude. We will see ourselves as the kind, compassionate, wise, powerful, and gentle people that we are–at peace, radiating light, and simply spreading love.

Be who you are nothing more nothing less
And let the beauty that you love be the very best
Sing praises to the highest with your feet on the ground
And reach for your brother with the words that you sound and
Don’t let mistakes be so monumental, and
Don’t let your love be so confidential, and
Don’t let your mind be so darn judgmental
And please let your heart be more influential
Be thankful for all that the Spirit provides
And be thankful for all that you see without eyes
-Michael Franti and Spearhead

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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