Mindful Monday #90 – Rest

It’s week three of being sick. I am slowly getting better, I no longer have a fever but I am not completely well. I miss my energy. I don’t know how long this process is going to take. I fought many challenging battles this year and I feel it has taken a toll on my health. Two weeks ago I wrapped a busy, stressful movie that took a toll too.

The timing is always right in life, that is what being sick has taught me.

There were a lot of goals that I had for this month, which I haven’t been able to start or further. As part of our culture, many times we feel guilty for not utilizing our free time to the fullest. While I always leave space to rest, I don’t feel I created enough space to fully rejuvenate my energy. I’m not fighting the rest my body needs, I am leaning into it. In the process, I am enjoying what Elizabeth Gilbert calls “dolche farniente,” which means the sweetness of doing nothing. I haven’t enjoyed moments like this, to this extent, since I was a child.

Being sick continues to teach me a lot of valuable lessons about health. I am starting to understand what my next steps will be for the new year and my career. For today’s Mindful Monday our quote is in relation to the extended rest the universe has demanded I take and maybe rest that the universe has been nudging you to take too.  Happy Healthy Monday.


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