I am Thankful for: Healthcare

Happy Thursday! For the month of November I am focusing on my health. The universe has turned my perspective on it’s side and allowed me to look at my health and concept of health with new eyes.

I have been sick for three weeks. Getting sick started gradually with pure exhaustion, then became what felt like a cold and then what felt like a sinus infection. I have already been to the doctor twice in two weeks and I have taken five medications. I also got vaccinations for the flu and whooping cough so that I can spend time with my baby niece.

Doctors visits on top of medication and vaccinations are very pricey for someone who is healthy; I can’t imagine how it would be for someone who is chronically ill or has a low income.


I am thankful that I have healthcare that curbs the cost of medical care. I have always had access to healthcare as a girl, it was provided through my Dad’s work. There was a period of my adulthood where I did not have healthcare and at that time I did the best to stay healthy and thought twice before I went to a doctor or bought prescribed medication that I needed. I was raised to be aware of my privileges, however this month has deepened my gratitude towards them.

Many of the comforts that I have had all my life are comforts that many people throughout the world desire.

I am thankful that I have the awareness to express gratitude for what many people take for granted.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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