Share Kindness

It’s Friday, World Kindness Day and the start of the Season of Kindness. World Kindness Day was founded in 1998 as an international holiday that is celebrated by many participating countries. All day schools and communities around the world are working with non-profit organizations to spread kindness in their communities.

Today is also the start of the Season of Kindness, which is 40 days of spreading random acts of kindness. Ever since I was a kid I have always enjoyed the holiday season because of the notable change of energy among strangers. People are kinder, happier and more willing to wish others well in a way that is reminiscent of a time when we had more trust and love in the world, over the pain, suffering and unrest that I see on a daily basis. Season of Kindness can be the start of taking back our communities so we can shape them into a place that is more inviting and safe for all.

I believe in being kind on a regular basis, and I understand that if you have been hurt continually over the years, that kindness in your heart may be hard to find. Start small and take small steps to heal your heart, by opening it up to others through kindness. It’s upsetting to think that not everyone will be receptive of our kind deeds because of the world we live in today. Throughout my life my kindness has often been a safe space for people who never felt they belonged. Start providing spaces for people that have been disregarded in life. We are an interconnected community and we all have the capacity to shape our communities both large and small. Not only can you change a life, but you can change your community and the world.


Spread kindness and lead with love.

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