Mindful Monday #91 – Respect Everyone

“What is wrong with people?” “What is going on?” These are a few common questions that I have heard a lot these past few years. I’m still shocked by the turn of events in our world. News keeps getting more grim. There is a real battle between light and darkness, love and hate, good and evil, which has been growing overtime.

We can’t look away from any of the world events or events occurring in our local communities and pretend that everything is okay.

Most importantly we can’t let the bad that we experience in our personal lives, change the make-up of our hearts. If bad seeds build roots within our heart, soul and communities, we all lose. Darkness can stop with each of us, when we stop spreading poison through our words or actions. We must do our part and lead with love everywhere we go.

Today’s Mindful Monday challenges each of us to be the bigger person, even in the most uncomfortable company.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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