Mindful Monday #92 – Do Not Lose Your Inner Peace

It’s Monday and I am back for real. This month has been a challenge from the start and it resembles my entire year.

No part of this year was easy.

Before I restored my energy from pushing through one challenge, I found myself faced with a new challenge. There were several times this year when I felt I didn’t have energy to continue on this journey, but each time there was someone who helped me through. Getting sick was life’s push to get me to fully rest in a way that the earlier part of the year did not allow.

Facing your fears is not easy, the easiest part is the choice to face them, after that life takes over and shifts in ways you can not imagine.

At the moment I feel restless. I do not have the inner peace that I seek. Today’s Mindful Monday focuses on the inner peace that I feel we’d all benefit from if we not only seek it but obtain it.