Wisdom Wednesday #55 – Alone Together

It’s Wednesday and the eve of Thanksgiving. Yesterday’s post talked about inclusion, today’s post talks about isolation and loneliness.

When I was in college I remember a professor saying:

Babies get the most amount of touch, while the elderly get the least amount of touch.

What does that mean? Babies receive the most amount of attention and human interaction/ engagement, but as that baby grows and becomes a teen, an adult and elderly themselves, the amount of interaction/ touch decreases. This lecture occurred when Facebook was just and idea. Now that social media is re-defining how we live and interact, I’m curious to what extent that stat has changed.

There is a lot of discussion about the decline of face to face human interaction and conversation which many feel is creating an overall decline in social skills, dating and in our ability to relate to others. Today’s Wisdom Wednesday is from Sherry Turkle who speaks to the shift of human communication as a result of technology in her TED talk titled “Connected but alone?”

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