I am Thankful for: Family

This is my fourth week home with my family. I came home to spend time with my new niece for her first Halloween and I stayed longer because I was very ill.

Now that I am better, I am still here because the holidays are here and my family needs me at this time. I have not ventured out with friends like I’ve done in the past; instead I have spent 95% of my time with my family as a group and with each person individually.

I know the idea of family means different things to different people, but for me, family is home, love and an understanding that runs deeper then many relationships I’ve had in my life. I am thankful that family holds this meaning for me. I am thankful that I come from a strong family that is supportive and taught be a lot about healthy love and that we continue to support each others efforts as we step into the people we want to be.