Mindful Monday #94 – Acceptance in the Present

“I feel like I woke up from a long sleep,” I told my friend this weekend. It’s been two and a half days since I have been back in Los Angeles. I went  home to visit my family and heal from a cold, and stayed longer because I was very sick. Now that I’m back, everything feels different and that difference is my perspective.

I write where I am. I have recently accepted some truths, that while I heard them, I struggled to grasp them. In some cases, I wasn’t at the awareness to fully understand it’s depth. In other cases, I didn’t want to hear or fully grasp it because it made the truth feel less real, which was a false comfort. As I spoke to my sister, I came to a realization that brought acceptance to a situation that I struggled with throughout my entire adulthood. The needless suffering ended when I cleared away everything that cluttered the truth. My spiritual mentor told me two truths this year, which I fought but in my acceptance of them, I know I could not win the battle because the truth always wins. Now that I have accepted these truths that needed to be clearly seen and understood to end suffering and move forward; I am free.

Today’s quote addresses acceptance for the truth in the moment.



I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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