Wisdom Wednesday #57 – Starved for Connection

“Babies get the most amount of touch, while the elderly get the least.”

Ever since I heard that stat in college, it stuck with me. As a young girl, I remember feeling sympathetic towards the elderly that I saw in the community and at church who were alone. As a very, young girl I was very close with my Nana, while I understand now, I could not imagine then how anyone elses’ life would be different from the reality that I knew. When the holidays rolled around, as I was with my family, I wondered why those individuals weren’t with their family too. Did anyone checked in on them? What stories did they hold in their hearts?

Over time, the individuals that I grew accustomed to seeing at church no longer where there. Did they die? Were they still alone? Were they happy? At different times of our lives we can all feel alone or misunderstood. As social media brings us together, it also tears us apart and brings a different type of isolation. Everyone desires to be seen and heard, but we don’t talk about it. Others are starving to be seen and heard and they remain silent too.

Today’s video titled Junk Mail is very touching. It shows how one women spends her time alone and how she looks forward to being in community. It reminders me of the service I did in high school and college at Adult Day Cares and Retirement Homes. How does this video speak to you?



I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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