You’re Going to Be Okay

Pack your bags your headed to location! I started a new feature this week. I was surprised to learn that I’d travel this soon. This week has been a whirl wind of many surreal moments and career milestones. My younger self is pleased.

Being away from the familiar has been a great teacher because I see where I need to grow and the areas of my life that I need to nurture.

The beginning of the year started on a high note, I was on location working on a non-profit fund rasing event. There were a series of disappointments and set backs that stretched my emotional and mental limits. But, I the end year on a high note with a career milestone that I never thought I’d have this year.

I passed on this job offer over a month ago. The job came back around, the same day that it was declined and I knew I had to take it. This year has challenged every aspect of my life. Seeing everything as a sign has made life a bit easier (and sometimes frustrating) to navigate. Signs are a lot of things to me, but in his case it’s been life’s kind reminder that you’re going to be okay.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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