All Is Not Lost

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope the year was good to you and everything that you needed it to be. If the year was a challenge, I hope you learned and grew or at least saw the light of each challenge. If the year all around stunk, I hope today is the high note that you desired all year.

This year was incredibly challenging for me. Up to these last few days, life continued to squeeze out one last challenge before the year ends.

There is no limit to how hard life can be and no limit to the blessings it can provide.

I had both this year. The blessings of the year are the most cherished that I have had because they didn’t come without cost. All that I lost this year was so that I could start the new year with the cleanest slate I have ever had since birth. My life is a skelton of what it once was and my direction is the clearest it’s ever been.

I don’t know what I signed up for when I committed to take a full risk to live a creative life. I do know that I am committed to this leap of faith, regardless of how much more I need to let go and how much harder it gets. I will not back down from it.

This year the world experienced a lot of growing pains between race, class, nationality, sexuality, sexual health rights on top of a flood of violence both domestic and foreign. We may have questioned if peace has a chance or if it’s a pipe dream.

There is a lot of good in the human condition and we need to not only remember it, but express gratitude for it when we encounter it within ourselves and within others.

We all have the capacity to grow and change if we want to and we can make positive changes in our communities that lead to light, hope, love and peace.

This Google video shows that humanity still has a heart. There is still love in the world and we need to focus on the greater good if we are truly going to come together as one.

My peace and love be with you tonight as you celebrate with friends and family. My the new year be filled with hope and love and everything that you need to lead you to your happiness.

xo – Stephanie

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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