Life at Light Speed

Happy New Year! It’s so good to be back here writing.

We have only been in the the new year for ten days. I am amazed with how different this year has already unfolded compared to last year.

Last year, with my permission, the universe took away anything that no longer serves me, including friendships. I was left with only the skeleton of my life.

We as beings do not need a lot (specifically when it comes to possessions), but the things that we really do need are often intangible and sometimes take time to come into our lives, deepen and strengthen.

Currently my life feels like a desert. Being in this place make it easier to see and also see change as it occurs/ approaches. This year has just taken off at light speed.

I’m currently on location for a short time working on the biggest feature of my career. While I am ready and willing to walk away from this career, something is keeping me here and it is not fear. It almost feels like a magnetic force. I’m trusting my present that I am right where I need to be.

Since Halloween weekend, I have only been in Los Angeles for 10 days. I got sick which extended my trip in hometown, I was in LA for a week, I was sent to location for a week and then the holidays hit.

All this time away from LA has made it very apparent, where I want to spend my energy and with whom. It’s even clearer now that I am on location where the only people I know in this city, are people from work. The universe is speaking to me truthfully or perhaps I am starting to understand it’s language or intentions. Either way I am excited for the 2016 chapter of my life because I see my growth everywhere I look and I feel the love that surrounds me more and more each day.

I hope this year is kind to you. Wherever you are on your journey, if your life isn’t working out for you, you feel like something is missing or you want more from life, I hope you have the courage to shake up your life until it becomes what makes your heart happy.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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