New Strength

This week has been very, very busy and challenging. I haven’t had a lot of me time since I have been on location.

Each day I noticed myself getting irritated with aspects of my work environment. My department supports every department on this move and we are understaffed. There really is not enough time or manpower to complete everything within a day or week, yet we are expected to complete everything because it’s the nature of this industry and this job.

This week, I started to push back on crew and put my foot down because people like to pawn work on our department that they don’t want to do. I was very, very frustrated on Friday night as I worked a 16 hour day, but when I woke up Saturday morning I found the lesson of it all.

The universe keeps putting me in challenging positions so I can see different types of strength that I didn’t know I had within me.

I’m starting to see a new woman emerge inside me that I only see glimpses of in each challenge I face. I’m curious what my life will be like, when my current self fully merges with the even stronger woman that is slowly coming to the surface.

There is nothing that we experience in life that is ever wasted if we have the capacity to learn from it. Look for the lesson of each experience, it is guiding you towards a better you and a better life.