Simple Joys

I’m excited! It’s Friday! I go home tomorrow for the weekend!

In October, I signed up to attend a weekend workshop that occurs this weekend. When I first heard word about this two-day workshop I felt pulled to attend it. That same pull I have felt before and followed it which lead to a gateway of a lot of growth and change. I’ve been excited to go to this workshop since I bought the ticket. When I got this current job and learned that we’d be shooting on the weekend, I knew that it would not be possible for me to go so I moved on.

Last weekend, my spiritual sister asked me about the workshop and not only did I remember that I had a ticket, I also realized that I CAN attend because my work week hasn’t shifted like it was supposed to! This is all meant to be!

After I wrap at midnight tonight. I fly to LA at 8:30am. Drive straight to the two day workshop, which is close to my apartment! In the evenings I am spending time with two close friends.

I’m so excited and thankful for all that is in store for this weekend. I hope your weekend is just as amazing as I feel my will be!!!

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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