Mindful Monday #100 – Love is Messier

Love it or hate this month in our culture is the month of Love.

If you are in a relationship for the first time or the best relationship of your life you are in heaven right now. I’m happy for you. If you are single ,on the other hand, you may love this month, dread it, hate it or it may bring up other emotions that surprise you.

Last year at this time I wrote a series of posts about love. It was my intention to talk about four forms of love that exist beyond the areas of romance, but within our friendships, family and ourselves. To my surprise that series shed light on the areas of my life where love had grown cold or stale.

I wrote a post last year called Heartbroken where I talked about when my heart broke out of the blue. That feeling of heartache has come up a few more times since, which I have not written or spoken about.

People don’t like to talk about the hard things, they only want to talk about the good things. When you talk about the hard things it sometimes becomes too real for people to handle when they live their life on the run.

I’m not running, but I am going towards my heart. (Deep breath). I will spend 28 days meditating on love. I want it to teach me it’s universal wisdom because the soil in my life and heart is fertile for love to grow.

I want to sit in the essence of love and define love for myself.


Happy Monday! Think love. Be Love.


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