Mindful Monday #103 – You ARE LOVE

It’s Monday! I officially wrapped my most recent movie on Thursday (2/18). That movie was an adventure and demanding to the very end.

This meditation on love has lead me to a place of understanding that I do not yet know how to communicate effectively. (But I am going to try.)

A year ago a friend was upset at her father for how he abandoned her family when she was young. Now that she has a relationship with him, he shows no remorse for his past actions which hurts her. I told her something that day, that I deeply believe of all parents.

Parents love their children deeply, and they are doing the best they can. Sometimes the best that someone can do, may not be enough for their loved ones. Not all parents know how to love or show their children that they are loved. Not everyone was raised in families where they received healthy love.

When I worked with at-risk teens I told them “Adult struggle in adulthood, as a result of their childhood and teen years. […] It’s important to heal yourself whole.”

Once you heal yourself, your life and love expands and you are at the best place to have the most healthy relationships you could ever know.

We should not get into relationships with people to fill a void, those relationships will eventually fail. The best person to complete you is you.

Today’s quote focuses on the love that has always been present for each of us. We just need to change our thoughts so that we can know it, feel it and see it.





I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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