Mindful Monday #104 – Love with Open Eyes

I’m headed home!

I finally get to relax at my home and rest in my own bed. I am extatic.

Life is about the simple day to day joys.

I’ve spent this past week making plans to fully integrate myself back into my community to grow more, learn more and meet new people. I can not wait!

Working on location was interesting because the distance and isolation created a space which brought so much clarity.

My meditation on love has been just as interesting. Last year when I meditated on love, I saw all the areas in my life where love had died or gone cold. This year the meditation lead me to find the source of my own love and happiness, which led me to see love in it’s truth and abundance. Now I see love illusions that have always been present and rooted in our culture and I don’t feel comfortable writing about them yet.

Today’s Mindful Monday is from a truth I discovered this past week.

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