Mindful Monday #105 – Fall in Love with Taking Care of Yourself

Today makes one week since I have been home. My first few days back felt like I just moved here for the first time. I forgot what that experience felt like and I was surprised to experience it all again.

Oh the ways I have grown in the past two months while I was working on location. I am a new person.

When I came back from my month of writing (two years ago), while I clearly knew I had grown in positive ways, I was filled with mixed emotions because of the abundance of experiences and realizations I had in two months. I felt worn down and over whelmed. I did not know how to take that experiences all in and it took me a few months to process.

This time, while I have grown quite rapidly in the span of two months, I have processed everything and have an initial understanding that brings nothing but excitement for what is to come. I am clearly growing and becoming strong in my spiritually, voice and mindfulness and I am so happy.

I can not wait to write about the realizations I had and the spiritual truths that I encountered and discovered.

Since I am still meditating on love todays quote goes in word with self love and self care.


If any of my post resonate with you, please like it, share or comment on them. It helps me out. Thank you!

Love, Stephanie  xx

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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