Mindful Monday #107 – Dare to be YOU

Love is changing me.

The best decisions I made this year was to mediate on love and I am growing in its beauty. Love holds so much wisdom and is so eager to teach anyone who is willing to listen and learn.

 We are only hitting and experiencing the surface of its deep ocean.

We tend to mirror examples of love that we have experienced (or what we think love is). We don’t consider that love can be (and actually is) beyond what we imagine and have experienced.

I have stressed the importance of leading your life with love, because that is the best place to operate. Love has recently taught me to look at the world through loves eyes and I see all the areas in life where love is lacking.

We live in a world of limitation created by fear. We fear rejection. We fear not being loved. We fear not being understood. We fear that we may disappoint someone. We fear being alone.

Love the parts of yourself that feel unloveable and replace your hurts with love.

Everyone wants to be seen, but we don’t allow our self to be seen. Move on from the fear that you will be alone if you show your authentic self.

Today’s quote focus on being your authentic self. Dare to be you. When you allow yourself to be yourself flaws and all, you show your humanness. We try to hard to be perfect and be like Barbie without realizing that Barbie doesn’t have a heart and soul. But, you do have a heart and soul and you need to share that with others each moment. When you allow yourself to be your authentic self, you attract authentic relationships and authentic love into your life. I promise.

Mindful Monday Bonus – This week notice the moments that you hold back from speaking your truth or being yourself. Write your findings in a notebook. I want to hear what you notice and discover.

Love – Stephanie x0

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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