Wisdom Wednesday #60 – Dance Monkey’s Dance

I took a few performance study classes when in I was in college. In my advance performance class the texts that we performed were longer and had more depth. In the class we were to perform more sociopolitical pieces that are often times heavy and hard to digest. To kick off the class, my instructor showed this video to show how we can write and perform heavy subjects in a way that is easier to swallow.

Today’s wisdom speaks to the human conditions and shows what makes us beautiful and what makes us sometimes hard to understand. If we looked at humanity with foreign eyes what would we have trouble grasping about how we function and operate as a society and world?

This piece originated from a slam poetry conference written and performed by Earnest Cline titled “Dance Monkey’s Dance.”  Earnest later expanded on the original piece and put his poem to images.

This video was may over a decade ago, but its subject matter still applies today. The lines of division and separation mentioned in the video are an example of the disconnection of love that we have for each other. It’s not enough to love the people you want to love, you need to love the people who are hard for you to love too.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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