I’m Thankful for: Mentors

It’s been 7 months since my last improv class and I am excited to start a new class tonight.

Improv has been the catalyst to a lot of my personal growth. I have not only strengthened my intuition, but I have become more playful and vulnerable and a better storyteller. Improv even led me to take voice classes.

In class I am learning to tell full three act plays which feels more like theater and less like improv. As students, we learn story and how to gauge what a story needs based on the main character’s journey.

Every story needs a sage, the wise person that provides perspective.

There is a moment on everyone’s journey where we get lost, don’t know what direction to choose or question our strength and in those moments, the sage appears in story and in life.

I have been working hard to maintain my perspective in an area of my life that needs more love and attention from me. It’s a sore area that I have avoided, but I am doing well to give it the time and attention it needs. I’m proud of my ability to remain grounded, loving and honest with this area of my life.

Recently, I have wanted to go back to old habits but a sage appeared. This sage first met me when I moved out to Los Angeles and I have not seen her until these past three weeks when we worked together again. We talked on the phone yesterday for two hours and she spoke all her wisdom to me which centered me and gave me more strength and patience to continue to give my sore area more love and attention.

Today I am thankful for the sage and all mentors that have been the voice, wisdom and support during the times in my life when I needed encouragement, perspective and love.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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