Mindful Monday #110 – Manifestation

“You are a great manifestor,” my spiritual sister and my spiritual mentor have both told  over the years. Each time it sounded so foreign. I’m a great manifestor?

It’s hard to talk about anything spiritual because it’s intangible and can be hard to grasp. We often have to see things to believe them, but our blessings are often invisible. It’s only in hind sight that the invisible is clearly seen and understood. With awareness/ mindfulness practice you can see the invisible unfold before you. (I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t know how else to describe it?) It’s so beautiful.

Last year I put my foot down and asserted my boundaries in every aspect of my life. This year those assertions have transitioned into statements of what I deserve. I deserve reciprocal friendships, being in a romantic relationship that adds value to my life etc. Each statement sounds like a mantra, when I say them, but it’s the energy and intention that makes all the difference.

These statements are used to counter any negative thoughts and are becoming a blue print for how I operate. Since I have thought about the life that I want I have been able to walk away from situations that do not work for me as speak up for myself when needed.

What I say, what I think and how I live are aligning and I’m starting to obtain what I desire quicker.

This past week I asserted to a potential boss that I could not start  work at the time that she wanted me to because I had an event in the morning that was scheduled a month in advance. She asserted how busy the first day would be. Based on my experience I knew she was over reacting. I thought about missing my event to start this new short-term job and decided to double down on my schedule and go to my event. I knew that I wouldn’t get the job when I made that choice and I knew that I didn’t want to work with someone who leads with a negative foot. Since I didn’t bend for her, she passed on me and within 24 hours I had three better job offers. As I set up interviews the job I wanted, but didn’t know was available fell into my lap. I asserted what I wanted and I got it. (It sounds crazy, but that is how simple manifestation can be.)

Recently I started to say that believing is seeing, because that is how I experience life. My best blessing in life have been in the moments where I believed and trusted that something worth my while would appear.

The universe is always there to support you, and waiting patiently for you to create your wildest dreams. It won’t force you to do anything that you don’t want to do, it just wants you to take the first step and trust it.

Today’s quote beautifully describes the universe and touches on how our thoughts can sabotage our reality.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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