Mindful Monday #111 – Love that Keeps You Guessing

My conversations with the universe are getting more poetic and elaborate.

We’re not even half way through the year and already I see that the universe wants me to strengthen my voice in relation to love.

The best thing I have done this year on a spiritual level was meditate on love and allow it to show me what I don’t know.

Last year, the theme of the year was to let go of anything that wasn’t working for me. As a result, I identified and asserted my boundaries to myself, to others and to the universe.

I have not always asserted my boundaries in relation to love. Love was never a focus for me growing up, not until recently. Walking away from people who are not right for you is one thing. Walking away from solid men who speak to what I look for in a romantic relationship and partner and can see a real future with is challenging. Yet, I walked away from two men this year.

Why did I let them go?

They are not at the right place to be with me. Love should not be a guess game. In their company, I got mixed signals and could see that we were out of sync and that became apparent the more I spent time with them over the past year.

I did not know I could be so honest and direct to others and two myself. I didn’t know I had this amount of strength and courage within.

My life is close to full circle. I took a leap of faith, found my voice, let go, let go and let go. Now, the universe is preparing me for the love I deserve and the signs are everywhere.

The universe told me and taught me to trust it. While I hesitate at times, I trust.

Today’s Mindful Monday quote can also be a mantra.


Love – Stephanie XO


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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