Mindful Monday #112 – Energy

Improv is back in my life and I love it!

I have been studying for over three years. I first studied the craft for a year and half and I noticed that I had a long way to go. Being completely raw and real on stage was frightening every time and it did not seem to get any easier for me.

There were so many walls I had to break through some of which I had no idea existed.

I pressed forward through my walls and my fear.

At the end of my second year, I started to take classes less consistently and only took classes that addressed the areas where I needed to grow as a performer.

This new class is a game changer and perhaps another life changer.

This current class is a physical/ movement class. It aims to get us out of our heads and into our bodies to use as a tool to develop character. The activities that we do in the class call for us to expand our body awareness in terms of intuition, trust, emotion, space and environment.

I have never experienced an improv class like it. The class has shown me that my mind is more connected to my body then I thought. My awareness, mindfulness, meditation practice and voice classes helped me develop in this craft.

I now feel comfortable and confident to say I AM AN IMPROVISER!

An aspect of the class that we explore is energy.

Our class was asked to think about energy as something that moves through us as we walk, but also moves through us in our stillness.

In my most recent class, we were asked to notice the energy within us between movement to stillness and I felt the energy for the first time. This is the same energy I felt for awhile, but I thought it was energy to write, not my energy of my being. The energy felt in class helped me create a character I have never played before. It was so awesome to stay in character.

Today’s quote is a meditation for me. I don’t feel comfortable posting it, because it’s a new areas of exploration for me and only a recent conversation that I am having with energy.


Happy Monday! – XO Stephanie

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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