Wisdom Wednesday #62 – Say Something

When I was headed home to my month of writing almost two years ago, I had a fair well coffee with a new friend.

Conversation flowed easily between us, but there was moments of silence that could have been filled with words.

Many time we speak out of our discomfort of silence, but in this case their were words that wanted to be said that where held back in fear and apprehension.

Was it fear to be vulnerable? Fear to be heard? Or fear of the truth? I can not say? The moment passed.

Since I have been observing my habits; one habit I want to break is to stop holding back from saying the next line or asking the next question that brings deeper understanding. Too often we hold back from what needs to be said and eternally live in wonder of what might have happened next.

The fear of saying too much happens a lot in love.

Today’s wisdom is an article from the New York Times titled “When Cupid is a Prying Journalist”written by Deborah Copaken. The article asks the reader to say something before it becomes to late to speak.


Do you agree with the advice that is given under the circumstance of the article? Let me know.

Love – Stephanie XO