I’m Thankful For: Chance Encounters

Last week my friend was in town. I’ll call her the traveler.

It was late July in 2014 when I met her. She was in town visiting a friend and I had just gotten back from my month of writing. I debated going out that night, to visit my friend at his restaurant, but I decided to go anyway. She dropped in to visit her friend who worked at the restaurant too.

She sat beside me at the bar, by chance and we started to talk. I don’t remember who talked first or what we talked about? I remember her warmth and openness and how I admired her for all her travels. I also remember that I talked to her about my month of writing and the journey that brought me to change how I lived my life. As I left the bar that night, she invited me to a party that was to occur the next few days, which I never attended.

After meeting and talking with her I remember I wanted to keep in touch and see where journey lead her. I found her on facebook (which I never do) and we became facebook friends. As months passed we checked on in to see how each other were doing. She’d support me and I’d support her. It wasn’t until the fall that she requested a facebook phone call and it was our conversation that bonded us.

The past week the traveler was in town again. It was the first time we’ve see each other in person since we met. We caught up like old friends and the conversation never ended. She was born, raised and currently lives in Canada. If it wasn’t for her travels and life’s chance encounters, our lives might not have even crossed paths.

I am thankful today for chance encounters, technology, travel and friendship that can sustained across city, state and country lines.


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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