It Takes a Village to Raise a Milagros (Miracle)

My first and only niece was baptized this past weekend. She was born Labor Day 2015.

I was in town the weekend she was born. The morning I was scheduled to fly back to LA my sister went into labor. My boss allowed me to miss a day of work and stay an extra day to be present for this life changing event.

It’s amazing the new level of experiences, lessons and awareness a baby can bring into your life. Even before her birth my niece reminded my family of the wisdom that we tend to loose as we transition between childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

Long before my nice was born she was loved. This love is a love that we at times tend to seek and question from others through our adulthood.

She is growing up in a loving family and household and will never question the love that is present in her life because it is expressed in our words and actions. This is a stark contrast to many of the teens I worked with who long to be and feel loved and supported from the adults in their lives and communities.

She was raised to two parents that are educators and know the laws around education and the services available to her should she ever need extra support. Not all parents know if their children are getting the support they need in school or their children rights are being violated. Not all parents have the agency to address concerns because of document status.

At a basic level my nice is clothed, has access to clean water and can eat when she is hungry. Each time we feed her I think of the kids in the country and the world that go without on a daily basis.

It takes a village or community to raise a child. – African Proverb

Whether we are active in a child’s life or passive both environments shape and affect the child’s development and sets the foundation for the type of relationship the child has throughout their life.

My niece’s name is Milagros which is Spanish for miracle.

Every life on this earth is a miracle, but we rarely treat everyone with the love that we treat our friends and family. Every life matter and deserves equal opportunity to live the best life possible.

One person can bring new wisdom and perspective into a life and, for my family and I, her name is Milagros.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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