Mindful Monday #114 – Instincts

Do you remember after school specials?

I loved them when I was a kid and some were pretty good. Do you remember how the main character in the story had the moment of realization? In that moment the camera would slowly push into the main actor while the orchestras played in the background.

Sometimes life feels like an after school special.

Each week I have noticed a theme come up within my life and my writing. Last week the theme was chance encounters. This weekend the theme of instincts and timing has come up front and center.

I’m currently enrolled in three classes: a (improv) movement class, a spiritual awareness / growth class and a voice class. All of these classes are rooted in awareness both internally and externally and I already see and feel the difference.

I am pretty observant, but I am starting to see people clearer and it’s so beautiful. We are beautiful beings, but we don’t always acknowledge it.

A side affect of these classes is seeing how much my intuition has soared. I never saw this possibility for myself.

The moment I started to fully trust the universe, was also the moment I started to fully trust my instincts and own my wisdom.

Today’s Mindful Monday quote is in relation to instincts and is an exact quote that came up in my spiritual class. Wherever you are on the spectrum of spirituality and instincts, please consider that you know what is deeply best for you outside of all the bs that we are told or that we tell ourselves. Trust that you are more then you give yourself credit for.

Activity: For the week pay attention to how you are feeling around people, at work, at home and in public. (I’d like to hear what you notice or observe.)

Have an instinctual week!

Love – Stephanie XO


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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