Wisdom Wednesday #63 – One Breath

Today’s wisdom fell into my lap on Monday. For my spiritual awareness class I was given several assignments one of them is to meditate daily.

I learned to meditate almost seven years ago and the practices has  woven in and out. Three years ago I set the goal to meditate daily and I felt the benefits of a daily practice. It wasn’t until I took a voice class in the Fall of 2013 that I learned an aspect of mediation that I didn’t give a lot of thought and that is the power of the breath.

I found my voice, in my first voice class, which I had no idea was hidden. Class really got me in touch with my breath and a greater life both in the physical world and the spiritual world. There is so much beauty in the simple things of life and breath is one of them. Breath is a gift that I didn’t appreciate until I learned all the power within it and I have since written about the breath in a few posts.

Today’s Wisdom comes from Christian de la Huerta who spoke at TEDxComo. Mr. Huerta addresses how life has “One Breath,” “One Love” and how breath is your compass through out your life when you connect with it.

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