Step Into Faith

My current improv class is an awareness class.

In each class, we are asked to observe our habits and be aware of how our body feels and moves. Various exercises help us discover and unlock our natural triggers from our emotions, space, movement and sound to be a foundation to create a character.

Creating characters on stage was a challenge for me. I never gave myself permission to be anything outside of how I naturally am in life. In some cases, it felt uncomfortable to play a character that differs from me. In other cases, I judged my ability to play a character, rather then trust and be in the moment to see what character emerges.

There are more ways to enter an improv scene besides character. The audience suggestion is the starting point and it can trigger a character, a topic of discussion, a theme, a metaphor, a location or it can be the foundation of a story.

Some improvisers will enter scenes as a character, while others discover their character as the story progresses. The characters already on stage or the topic of discussion, can trigger improvisers to join in on a scene. Or a fellow improviser will endow their partners with a name or characteristics, which informs the actor of who they are in the story.

Other improvisers are skilled at space object work, which is best described as panamime and use it to ground them in a scene.

Regardless of how an improviser enters a scene there really is no right way to do it. It’s all based on what works for the improviser.

I feel that stepping into faith/ spirit is the same way. Some people know from the start what they believe, while it takes others time to warm up to it. There are multiple belief systems out there and there is no right or wrong way to enter into faith/ spirit. It just depends on the person and what feels right for them. While there are belief systems that can differ from our own and can make us feel uncomfortable that’s okay. And we need to truly be okay with all the difference that exist in the world.

The foundation of all life is love.

As long someone builds their life around love meaning that their actions express love and their words express love what’s the harm?

One can argue that not everyone acts and speaks with love all the time. How often do you consistently live a life of love? This includes self love too. We all have times in life where we do not step up to the person we can be or the person we know that we are deep within our hearts. There are a lot of people hurting in this world. There are a lot of people that are dying for connection. Do not get fixated on difference.

If you want more love in this world, spread more love.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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