Mindful Monday #115 – Energy

“You need to lead with you energy,” a radio producer told me at a mentoring event.

Since I was given that advice, I have focused my attention on energy.

In improv class, we did an exercise where we had to transition between movement and stillness. Our instructor advised us to feel the energy running through us specifically in our stillness. I could feel the energy.

I was surprised at what I learned about energy in voice class. My instructor told me to stand completely still. It was a challenge. I noticed I restricted my breath and tensed up. I loosened up. I breathed deeply and allowed myself to naturally sway, adjusting as our body does, to the shifting of weight.

Energy is always moving within us, even in stillness.

Some people are afraid to rest because they fear they will loose the momentum they have in life. You can rest because the energy lives with in you.

Others do nothing but rest, and constantly look for energy to function.

Energy is always present, but waiting to be directed.

Today’s mindful Monday is on energy.


Can you feel your energy running through you? Where are you spending your energy?

Love – Stephanie XO

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