Sometimes You Need to Scream

Today calls for some much needed screams.

Yet, I am silent.

While I want and need to, I won’t actually let go and lean into the flow to scream.

In improv, I was prompted into a life or death situation to elevate my emotions so that I can perform from that emotional place. I tried my best, I pushed toward my emotional edge, but like in life my edge is mild. (I am working on cleansing myself of all the ways we have been socialized to emote, because emotions are a guide and need to be released as we encounter them.)

The intention of this blog is motivational in nature, but it’s rooted in the foundation of vulnerability. If you ever read a post like this here, and feel the need to judge remember: I am human too.

Sadness, frustration, anger etc. are not emotions unique to you. They are emotions that live in all of us and in a perfect world would be felt and expressed by all without the fear of feeling shame or being shamed.

The end is near and I question it. Is this what I really want?

Yes. Everything I wanted is starting to align in the most beautiful and poetic way. I saw this end coming, I took active steps towards it and and I welcomed it.

Why do I fear?

Today, in one stroke, the universe shed light on all the things that I need to let go of to get to the next level. (The universe knows I can handle this level of truth.)

No one ever talks about how much you have to let go to obtain the life that you want.

By now, I feel like I am the queen of letting go. The things I need to release are not burdens or even negative energy, they are actually being drawn away from me so I can focus my attention on my next goal. This goal is the beginning of everything I have been working towards.

I sometimes wish I could force the life that I want into existence.

Forcing anything in life is never good for you. Happiness can be found here, but it’s only temporary happiness. A forced life is not built on a strong foundation, it’s built on an illusion and will eventually crumble in some way.

This awareness keeps me grounded and patient.


I am excited for what is coming into my life and eager to see where the universe shows up, what it will teach me and how it will move through me.

If you are in the place, hang in there.

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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