Mindful Mondy #116 – Positive Control

This weekend I met Philip Stokes, an aspiring motivational speaker (How to Fly with A Clipped Wing).

At 17, he got into a motorcycle accident, suffered nerve damage to his left arm and could no longer use it. After 6 years of major surgery, with the hope to get full use of his arm, he made a radical decision.

Against the doctor’s recommendations, he decided to have his arm removed.

The decision to keep his arm versus remove it freed him.

He re-framed his mindset from thinking of all the things he could not do with out the use of his arm, to all the things he could do.

With this action, he learned he could do more then he ever thought possible.

He is now, one of few, one arm airplane pilots in Los Angeles. When he passed his air flight test, the person who administer his test, offered him a job to teach future pilots.

One concept that he learned in flight school was the idea of ‘Positive Control’. As licensed drivers we are in ‘positive control’ of our cars because we tell the car how fast to go, when to stop and when to slow down.

Sometimes in life we or people we know are not in ‘positive control’ of their life. I don’t mean being Pollyanna positive and seeing everything half-full. Nor do I mean consistently making poor choices. I mean allowing life to happen to us and not playing a more active roll in where our life is headed, who we surround yourself by and how we nurture yourself. We all do this at times of our life’s to some extent. Rather then feel bad about this habit, be mindful and make the changes in your life that you see fit.

Today’s Mindful Monday is on the theme of Positive Control.


Happy Monday!

Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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