Wisdom Wednesday #64 – Radical Openess

My awareness has expanded in a way that has changed me.

I feel like I see more and I feel more and I notice that I need more time at home to rest and rejuvenate.

This weekend, while in solitude, I came across a series of videos that have so much juicy wisdom. One of the videos is great example of the effects of breathing fully and feeling deeply.

We live in a society that likes to run and hide. We like to present our ‘best self’ which can often be a false or exaggerated self. We don’t like to feel, know have to feel or were taught healthy ways to feel. We hide our aspects of our true selves, our hearts desires, our fears and our negative-self beliefs.  (We all have these, it’s part of the human experience.)

In over two and a half years of experience, I can personally attest to the beauty of vulnerability and honesty. I have learned that when we are honest with ourselves and each other we are better able to accept ourselves, heal, create deeper connections and provide space for others to be more vulnerable and honest.

Today’s Wisdom is a two part video called Radical Openness shows the healing power of breathing fully, feeling deeply and addressing the emotions or experiences that we hide or run from.