Mindful Monday #117 – Inner Peace

Last week was blissful.

This week has been a continuation of that amazing feeling.

The moment I stepped into self-acceptance, I felt my body soften into a calm that I have never experienced. The metaphorical water of my life feels at peace too. It’s beautiful.

I am not a master or expert on inner peace, self-acceptance or self-awareness, but I acknowledge that my life is headed in that direction with each day of my practice in mindfulness.

We are all masters (teacher) and we are all students, but sometimes we get caught up in being the student that we don’t acknowledge the master inside ourself. We can be masters of car mechanics, color theory, cooking, homemaking etc. Children are masters of humanity in it’s pure form and teach us or remind us how to live simply, be curious and enjoy something as simple as a silly face. Other times we get caught up in being the master, that we don’t allow ourselves to see or accept areas of future growth in our being and in our knowledge.

Today’s mindful quote is on the topic of a quiet mind.


Have a great week!

Love – Stephanie XO