Mindful Monday #118 – Everyone Struggles

The grass is always greener on the other side.

We all know this wisdom and often live by it.

In times of great weakness or struggle we throw the wisdom aside and step into a place where we question and compare our struggles to others.

The record that overcomes our thoughts sounds like this: Why is my life so hard? Why do they get that over me? When will I get my promotion or bonus? When will my love come? When will I get a break?

Some of you may be in your own season of struggle now and it can feel like the universe conspires against us.

You are not alone in your struggle.

This past week after catching up with several friends all of them are in transition. They are each at different stages of life and experiencing different transitions and struggles.

The sudden realization that you can be living a different life and that you got in your own way along the way. Or having the life you thought you wanted and questioning what you have or questioning your values that shifts what you think is important. Wherever you are, I can assure you:

Everyone struggles at various points in their lives to various degrees. What hurts us is that we grew up in a society that values hiding our struggle over sharing them.

Social media has made it even easier for people to create the facade that they are living the perfect, happy life. While some may be genuinely happy, others are struggling to keep their heads above water.


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