Wisdom Wednesday #66 – This Messy Life

After finding my voice over two years ago, I began a journey of vulnerability to share parts of my true self that I had no idea I had hidden. This blog came from that goal to be vulnerable.

One of my goals, since I was a girl, is to be a speaker. Speakers were woven into my high school experience and they also provided wisdom that I carried with me. As a teen, I wanted to inspire others in the was that I have been inspired.

While I have made great strides with my voice and my vulnerability, I still take voice classes, and I note that old habits resurface at different times and for different reasons.

I am building up the courage towards this goal to speak on a broader scale.

I have no problem addressing an audience regarding things outside myself, but fear is present when it comes to sharing my internal world i.e. myself to an audience.

To make strides towards this goal, I attend live speaking events by established speakers. This past April, I attended a live podcast recording for the series Typically Hazardous by Hank Fortener.

The timing of my attendance to this live recording and the topic was beautiful. I had recently uncovered an area of my life that I knew was the next area of growth that I needed to meditate on.

Like last Mindful Monday #118‘s quote that everyone struggles, today’s wisdom titled “This Messy Life” addresses the mess in everyone’s lives. We as a society are trained to hide our mess and social media allows us to present a perfect self and life. This isn’t about judging or comparing ourselves, but to be kind to ourselves and others and remember that we are not alone.



  • What messes are you hiding?
  • What conversations does the universe want to have with you?


Love – Stephanie XO

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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