My Sacred Space

I’m currently in the “middle of nowhere” and I have been here for almost two weeks. I choose not to identify my location for a good reason.

I took a mini vacation to Santa Barbara at the end of May. In the two days I was gone, several phone calls and text messages interrupted the peace. Each call and message regarded non-urgent topics that could have easily been tabled.

How am I going to write a book with all the interruptions?

This thought prompted me to set a boundary and create a sacred space, to give me space, to write my first book.

I learned about sacred spaces, in my spiritual class, in May. My instructor suggested that we create a space in our homes that is dedicated for meditation / prayer to connect to the universe / spirit.

Since the language and meaning, of a sacred space, has come into my awareness, it has shifted how I operate.

Since we have grown accustom and addicted to instant communication lines, I told all my friends that I will not be using facebook for two months and I will have limited access to my cell phone and email.

My friends, who know my growth and what is important to me, were supportive. Friends who I have lost touch with and acquaintances, who know me before I really blossomed, were puzzled.

Since I arrived to “the middle of nowhere,” my time has been a little bumpy. Things did not go as I intended them to go and kept reminding myself that all the irritations had a lesson that I do not yet know.

The silence and distance has been pleasant.


Besides writing a book, I want to double down on my meditation practice and plan to cleanse my body of toxins. The minor diet adjustments I have made to the food I eat, has made a big difference.

The distance coupled with my health intentions have shed a light on areas of future growth which I feel will shape my time here. I will write about this next week, or when I find the words to express what I have learned thus far.

I hope you have a space in your life that is sacred and special to you.

Love – Stephanie XO





I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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