Mindful Monday #120 – Love Takes Off the Mask

During my writing/ away time, I am also serving the community. For one day a week. I am co-teaching a mother -daughter / father-daughter writing workshop for teenage girls.

This week kicks off the third week of the workshop. I am teaching this weeks theme on the topic of perceptions.

I learned this activity from Awaken Art’s, the art’s therapy group that I serve with in LA, uses masks for participants to think about how others see (perceive) them and how they see (perceive) themselves. I am adding a writing component to the activity for the workshop.

We provide a sample text of original work as a model for writing. I am currently working on my sample text to share with the class. In preparation, I ponder the contrast between how people see me through their words and actions and how I see myself through my words and actions.

As I created my mask of perceptions, this time, I noticed that my perceptions of myself and others perceptions of me, have less power over me then they did when I first did this activity over a year ago. I also noticed that the perceptions and stories about those perceptions have also changed. I AM GROWING!

I have come to believe, through my work in self-awareness, with my whole heart, that one of the goals of adulthood and life is to live and breathe in our full authenticity by having full access, awareness and healthy expression of our truths, emotions, voices, sexuality, gender and spirituality.

Today’s quote regards masks and perceptions.


What area’s of your life need a perception shift? What areas of your life need more love? Be kind to yourself with what you discover.

May you have a perception changing Monday and week.

Love – Stephanie XO

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