I Am Thankful for: The Idle Moments

The universe meets me in the idle moments, each time I take an extended break. That’s when I gain the most clarity.

I told The Answered Prayer.

“The universe meets you in all your idle moments these days.” He responded.

This is a broad overview of the conversation we had before I left in early June.

It wasn’t until that conversation that I realized my awareness and spiritual insights do, in fact, increase when I am idle regardless of my location and regardless if I am in meditation or not.

Realizations in extended idle moments, standout because I am not in the daily grind of life. I have had profound realizations at work, but they are overshadowed by work. Every time I have not been able to give profound moments their full recognition and glory. (This has even occurred when I have received bad news too.) I usually table realizations for a deeper reflection at night or on the weekend or wait to tell a friend when the freshness has begun to wear off.

While I haven’t been as idle as I’d like to be, this current idle time is bringing everything together.

There are moments I get glimpses of the beauty that is on the horizon and the realization I have yet to know but am slowly starting to understand in fragments. While those glimpses are faint, and I’ve been (relatively) patient for awhile, I wonder if I did my best or could be doing more to get to the next moment that will lead me to the horizon of my new dream. I am ready for what is next.

In the meantime, I am thankful for the idle moments that provide wisdom and perspective for the future version of myself that I have yet to know, but I am excited to meet.

What comes up for you in your idle moments? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section.

Love – Stephanie XO


I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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