Set Limits For Your Wellness

“Beware of energy vampires,” a woman told me as she analyzed my handwriting at a holistic fair almost three weeks ago.

“People are attaching to your energy,” another women told me.

“Cut any cords of energy that is not yours,” a facilitator of a guided meditation that I attended addressed to the group almost a month ago.

Energy has popped up a lot these past few months. To my surprise, it came up three times in the span of two hours. Whenever I notice a pattern in threes, I pay attention. I see this repetition as an area where I need to grow, focus my attention or meditate further.

Energy came into focus this past November when I was sick for the entire month (I’m Thankful for: Energy). My body was drained and weak. I could not stay awake for more than 2-3 hours, before I had to rest or take a nap. At night, I found it impossible to sleep because my entire body ached. I was scared and I thought I would never have my fully energy again. I got sick because the movie I worked on was stressful and exhausting. I did not counter balance work with yoga, meditation or rejuvenating activities.

In April, I meditated on energy for the month and my voice and improv classes provided areas for me to expand my awareness. One class called for me to feel energy in the body even in stillness, while the other had me explore ways to create space for energy to move more freely.

It appears energy wants me to focus on it more and dig deeper to see what ways I use my energy, lose my energy and what ways it has been hijacked by others.

Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred or changed. We express energy when we move from one place to another. In stillness energy moves with in us. When we stand “still” we naturally sway back in forth, I’d like to think that it’s because of the energy inside us. Emotion is also energy that hopefully moves through all of us. If you do not allow your emotions to move through you, blocks occur within your body which can create tension. Some blocks can also lead to dis-ease.

For as long as I can remember, not only friends, but strangers have opened up to me about their deepest secrets/ pains. I am not always comfortable with the level, timing or place of this disclosure. I never addressed it either. I know people want to be heard, so I listened.

Sometimes it feels like people just dump their problems on me and I am learning this is a boundary I need to enforce for my health. Since the year begin I have focused a lot more on myself and my health because I have been sick for about a week each month. There really are people that feed off of others energy to lift them up or drain someone’s energy by their negative emotional state.

The more my awareness expands, the more my senses are heightened and the more time I need to rest.

We all have an endless supply of what we need within in us from birth. Part of life is discovering that truth and balancing ourselves in relation to our well of love, happiness and energy. I am starting to learn and understand the duality that exists within us, because the more I open and expand my awareness, the more I learn the importance of boundaries in the areas of myself that I once left opened.


Love – Stephanie XO



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