Mindful Monday #122 – I Am Unique and Joyful

It’s Monday. July kicks off my 2nd month of being in the “middle of nowhere”.

My intention for this time is to write my first book and set the foundation for new or improved habits for the next five to ten years of my life.

The trial and error to balance a daily morning routine has been insightful. Being in these place of semi seclusion has provided a lot perspective on what is important to me in life at this stage/ age, which is a happy accident that I didn’t anticipate. I can clearly see a shift within me that is shaping a maturer version of myself.

I just finished another chapter from Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith. The 2nd Chakra, Sacral Chakra or Creativity Chakra is located at the navel. The chakra focuses on emotions, expression and pleasure.

The 2nd chakra is like water. It wants to flow fluidly through us. However, there can be blocks that keep the water or our emotions from flowing, because of our experiences in how we have been raised or socialized. As adults we see childhood in contrast with adulthood, and suppress or do not embrace our child sides for many reasons.

Like yin and yang, we need to have full access and balance between maturity (of adulthood) and playfulness (of childhood). – Anodea Judith

If we allowed ourselves and others to express emotions freely how different would the world be? Would violence and addictions decrease? Would the deep divisions of our differences shrink?

Today’s Mindful Monday is on the topic of feeling.


What block do you have that keep you from expressing fully? In what ways can you balance your sacral chakra?

Love, Stephanie – XO

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