Mindful Monday #125 – Pause

Pauses are wonderful.

Pause for a moment. Now pause for 5 minutes. How do you feel?

The weekend is a pause from the week. A vacation is a pause from our daily lives.

Even when we are breathing, once we have in hailed a full breath there is a slight pause before we exhale. Our breath is so seamless that we have to draw our awareness to our breath to notice it.

The environment naturally is (or relatively was) in balance and seeks balance. Like nature it is our natural heart song to seek balance too.

Many of us seek balance in ways that are not as effective like shopping, sex, drugs, tv, attachments to things or other external factors.

To restore true balance one needs to go inward in self awareness and reflection.


These past two months of pause from my personal social media account and my community has been insightful. My views on almost every aspect of my life has shifted. My focus on my energy and health brought me to start a regimented yoga practice and a modified diet. My spirituality has deepened and strengthened in ways that I did not know I was capable of.

I feel fantastic.

I am ready for full change in every aspect of my life. The universe is responding, but only at the rate that I am willing, able and ready to receive it.

I feel empowered to journey further towards my heart’s desires.

I have a lot I want to write about, but I do not feel like I should writing at this time. I don’t want to speak out of turn, I choose to speak when I am called to do it and I am currently called to pause.

I need to dig deeper and ground myself further in what I am only beginning to understand and realize.

No moment is ever the same as a previous moment. No breath is never the same as the previous breath. And no pause is the same as the last.

Take time this week to pause, you deserve it.



Love, Stephanie XO

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