I’m Thankful for: Intuition

It’s Friday. I post gratitude posts on Thursday, but these past few weeks I have wanted to break form.

I must honor it and follow my intuition.

It wasn’t until I studied improv three years ago, that I learned all the ways that I have stifled myself. Choosing to be silent in times of conflict or not speaking up in moments when my voice should have been heard, was only one way that I stifled myself. Depending on the environment I rarely command a room, unless I am leading or facilitating a group or event. I have also stifled the expression of my emotions and have not always shown my personality in full to people who I do not know well.

Our desire for self preservation is a disservice to our self and others because we do not allow our full beauty to be seen.

While I always stayed true to myself and marched to my own beat, there were times, growing up, when I didn’t do things because I waited for an invitation.

In life, the invitations we wait for may never come. We need to metaphorically invite ourselves to the party, blaze a new trail or make a spot for us at the table in that areas of our life or in the world where our voice or presence is needed.

Trusting all of my instincts changed my life. As I started to build up my relationship with my intuition, she was silent at first and but overtime whispered to me. I have always trusted my instincts when it came to dangerous situations, but I learned that her wisdom goes beyond and into every aspect of life. The more I listened to her and followed her wisdom, the stronger her voice was and the richer my life became.

Intuition is our compass. If we suppress it, we are wanders.

Trust yourself with your life choices. Thinking through hard choices is important, but nothing can beat following your intuition once you build your trust with it.

Today I am thankful for my intuition because I wrote a post I didn’t anticipate writing and she has lead down many roads of self discovery, growth, new experiences and a circle of the best friends I have ever known.

My your relationship with your intuition be just as rewarding and fruitful as my relationship with my intuition has been.

Have a wonderful day!

Love – Stephanie XO

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Intuition is awesome! Keep listing to that voice within!!!

  2. Yes, sometimes a little voice seems to say to me “go for it” and often I know just what to do. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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