Mindful Monday #127 – Transitions

In yoga, my instructor asked the class to focus on transitions.

To me yoga is the practice of self-care. You are not competing with anyone, but yourself. Somedays you feel fantastic and are kicking each poses butt. Other days you may feel off, loose balance in your pose or don’t feel as strong. To help you hold each pose, you focus on your breath. If you can’t hold a pose long, then you are free to modify the pose or rest.

You define your yoga practice, your yoga practice does not define you.

Once you build up strength and flexibility, then the next level of yoga is a flow class. Flow classes focuses on mindful transitions from one pose to the next. Often times, we over look the benefits of a good transition because we feel the destination of the pose is more important.

We often like to push through or resist life transitions.

When we are in life transitions, our strength, will power  and balance is put to the test. Many times people lose their footing and need to reground themselves in those moments.

Transitions occur to shake up your foundation and leverage you to your next level of potential.

Focus on your transition, even if it means you need to slow down and take care of yourself from one step of your life to the next. Your transition may be a breakup, divorce, retirement, a new career, a death of a loved one, a death of a habit or thought pattern or choosing to start over again.

Life is a series of transitions.

Often times we struggle to hold on to the old, even if the old is not working for us. We like to hold on to what we know. This is the struggle of our current political structure within our country. Breathe through your hard moments and trust that if a struggle is coming up, perhaps that person, career or belief needs to be released so you can move into your next level of potential. There is so much beauty, strength and wisdom with in you, life is your friend and is there to help you see these positive attributes within yourself.

Today focus on your transitions. The end of your work day, to your commute home, to dinner and then bed. Then focus on your transitions again tomorrow. When do you get tense? When do you hold your breath? Please let me know what you learned about yourself.


Love – Stephanie XO

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  1. Yoga is a way to life

I appreciate your words. Thank you!

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